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Grandmaster Li, Mao-Ching

About the Teachers


Historically, around 1928, the Koumingtang in China established Zhong Yang Guo Shu Guan. Within this organization, the dream was to establish a national martial arts school that would bring famous teachers from all around together in one place, thus offering students a situation of study that had never been achieved within before that time. Within this Guo Shu Guan, students would have the opportunity to work with teachers from a variety of styles in such a way as to promote healthy communication and deeper understanding of the many martial arts traditions present in China. Some of the many famous names that came from studying at there at that time are Han Qing Tang, Li Yuan Zhi, and Chang Dong Shen, just to name a few.

As the Kuomingtang was forced to move to Taiwan, part of the student population from this school moved across the strait as well. In approximately 1983, a cultural university was opened in Taiwan with the idea of once again bringing together famous martial arts instructors for the purpose of training interested students and carrying on a cultural tradition. Zhong Guo Wen Hua Da Xue (a cultural university) thus began to do in much the same manner what had earlier been accomplished in China. Within this university, students studied over 100 forms with the idea that doing so, they could distinguish and bold fundamental knowledge outside the university walls regarding the myriad of Kung fu styles they may encounter as they went on to become martial arts coaches.

Grandmaster Li, Mao-ching was born on July 5, 1926 in Qingdao City ( Shandong Province ), and grew up there. Later, when World War II began, he was drafted into the army. When he was in the army he started to learn Shaolin Long Fist (Changquan) from Han Qingtang, Praying Mantis (Tanlangquan) from Fu Jiabin, and Sun Bin Quan from Gao Fangxian. Grandmaster Han was the first generation of well-known teachers at the Nanking Central Guoshu Institute. When Jiang Kaishek’s party retreated to Taiwan , he was invited to teach Chinese martial arts in the Central Police Academy . Grandmaster Han was also well known because of his high skills in joint-locking techniques.