Sunday 03 March 2016

Dear members as most of you know,  on Sunday 3rd of March 2016, I had the privilege to attend and perform for the 90th birthday celebration Grandmaster Li, Mao-Ching. Performances were done as a way of showing respect to a Grandmaster with lineage going back to Han, Chin-Tang and more. Roughly 6 martial arts schools took part in a demonstration that lasted around 3 hours. Out of the masters that attended the day, my teacher, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and Master Adam Hsu were most notable.

Over the years I have been privileged to build a special bond with both my Grandmasters, Li, Mao Ching (long Fist) as well as Grandmaster Gao- Tao (Yang style Tai Chi). The last time I saw my two Grandmasters was in 2008, which was the last time I visited Taiwan and competed in one of the biggest international Tai Chi competitions. It was great admiration that I noted that both Grandmasters had not aged much in since I last saw them in 2008, they were both still in good physical health and great spirit.

On the Saturday we were greeted by Master Gao, and took a bus ride to his home town where we were greeted by his students. We were treated to refreshments while his students performed the whole 108 movement form. One of the students that impressed me most was a young gentlemen who was completely blind. I asked Grandmaster Gao how he managed to teach him and he showed me how the gentleman would touch him to feel his movement and then learn each movement step by step. Truly inspiring.

On Sunday morning, my senior brother, George Dominguez made sure we were up at 5am and a short jog to Chiang Kai Shek memorial square we continued some conditioning and forms training for the next 2 hours. Other old friends that I got to spend time with were Victor Marquees (President of YMAA France) and David  Grantham (co—author of Taiji Ball Qigong).

On the Sunday afternoon we walked to the  228 Memorial Park to prepare for the performances for Grandmaster Li.  The function was attended by many acquaintances and friends that go way back with Grandmaster Li and the atmosphere was festive. Master Li and his wife arrived about an hour before the performances started. I had an opportunity to present him with the gift from YMAA SA to which so many of you so generously contributed – many thanks again! Grandmaster Li really appreciated this gesture. The spectators were treated to approximately 3 hours of individuals and group performers from different schools and all age groups. I had the privilege to demonstrate Taizu Chang Chuan, a Long Fist Form, along with the rest of the YMAA team. The event was significant enough to make it onto Taiwan national TV, follow this link to watch the clip. The day came to an end in typical Chinese fashion with a huge banquet in Grandmaster Li’s honour.

It was a truly memorable weekend which I’m happy to share with you.

90th Birthday Celebration

90th Birthday Celebration 2


90th Birthday Celebration 3


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