Kid’s Kung Fu Classes:

Kids Class Fees


Adult Classes:

  • Kung Forms Training
  • Traditional Sparring
  • Tai Chi Forms Training
  • Tai Chi Push Hands
  • Chin Na (Joint Locking)
  • Meditation and Chi Kung.

Drop In Fee: R120.00 per class (Adult Classes Only)

Adult Class Fees

Registration Fee: R400.00 (Not applicable for Drop In Classes)


Payment Options:

  • Monthly: Debit Order only (strictly no monthly cash, EFT or Stop Orders payments allowed)
  • Cash Up-front: Cash, Credit Card, EFT

Family discount: (Not applicable for Drop In Classes)

  • Two members 5%
  • Three or more members 10%

Termination of Contract:

Temporary suspension of contracts:

In order to offer a continued and professional service and training environment it is expected that a contract will be honoured, and consideration will not be given to temporary suspension of contracts for any reason whatsoever.

Cancellation of contract:
Should you wish to cancel the services prior to the fulfilment of the fixed term agreement, we will refund you the amount for the remainder of the months, less the amount you
received as discount for entering into a fixed term agreement, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Further due to the nature of our business we require a 60 days notice period of such cancellation.
The discount will be calculated based on the non-discounted monthly fees.

Expiration of contract:

One month prior to the expiration of the agreement you will receive a courtesy reminder that your contract is about to expire. Please be sure to renew your contract prior to its expiration to avoid having to pay the registration fee again. Also please note that the monthly discount structure only applies in terms of a valid fixed term agreement. If you do not have a valid fixed term agreement which qualifies you for the applicable discounts, you will be liable for the non-discounted monthly fees:

Non-Discounted Monthly Fees:

Adult Classes:
1 class   per week              R    400.00 p/m
2 classes per week            R    800.00 p/m
3 classes per week            R 1 200.00 p/m
4 classes per week            R 1 600.00 p/m
5 classes per week            R 2 000.00 p/m
6 classes per week            R 2 400.00 p/m

Kid’s Kung Fu:                  R   700.00 p/m