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Benefits of Training Kung Fu

Benefits of training Kung Fu?
Self Defence, Health and Fitness

Kung Fu is a martial art and as such the primary aim of Kung Fu training is combat efficiency.

It is ironical, therefore, if you practice Kung Fu (including Tai Chi) but do not know how to defend yourself with what you have learnt.

The second aim of Kung Fu training is health and fitness. Indeed, in our modern societies where fighting seldom happens, this benefit of being healthy and fit is more immediate and important than being able to fight.

But the crucial point is that you will derive the radiant health a typical Kung Fu exponent of classical Kung Fu literature manifests, only if you practice Kung Fu as a martial art.

Character Development

Kung Fu training itself is a process of character development.

Qualities like tolerance, endurance and perseverance are developed if you practice Kung Fu correctly. Qualities like mental freshness and calmness are pre-requisite if you wish to be a good Kung Fu fighter.